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Spring Registration Now Open for Weehawken Boy Scout Troop 223! 🌸

Attention parents and young adventurers! We’re thrilled to announce that spring registration is now open for Weehawken Boy Scout Troop 223. If you have boys in 5th grade and up, this is a fantastic opportunity for them to embark on exciting journeys, learn valuable life skills, and build lasting friendships.

Here’s what you need to know:

About Troop 223:

We are part of the Boy Scouts of America, dedicated to nurturing practical skills, self-confidence, ethics, leadership, and good citizenship in our youth.

Our troop is Scout-led, empowering our young members to plan meetings and activities. They’re not just leaders within the BSA; they’re leaders in their schools, teams, and clubs.

We believe in the power of the great outdoors! Our troop camps once a month during the school year and enjoys a week-long summer camp experience.

As Scouts, we actively give back to the community through flag ceremonies, beautification projects, and clean-up events.

How to Get Involved:

Interested parents and boys, reach out to us at We welcome inquiries from Weehawken and neighboring townships.

Let’s explore the fun activities we have in store for your child! Whether it’s hiking, camping, or learning essential life skills, Troop 223 offers a vibrant and supportive environment.

Join the Adventure!:

Spring is the perfect time to join our troop. Encourage your boys to be part of something bigger, where they’ll create memories, develop character, and forge lifelong bonds.

Troop 223 is more than a group; it’s a family. We look forward to welcoming new faces and sharing the joy of Scouting.

Contact us today and let’s embark on this exciting journey together! 🌟

Visit our website: Troop 223 Weehawken

🌱🔥 Adventure awaits! 🔥

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